New Vision

You know that feeling of falling in love, where you are smiley and your insides are all giggling with joy and you look at the world with a freshness it didn't have before. Or, that feeling when someone dies or is dying that you cannot believe the rest of the world continues on while you are grieving. Each of these "alternative realities" both bathing in love and drowning in grief offers a different vision of life than before.

So for all these years of being alive there has been this population of people who are zombies of exhaustion and monsters from all the adjustment going on in their reality wondering around the streets- they are new parents! Just like being in love, just like grieving I didn't really get it before I had the experience. All these years people walking around like this and I didn't even know it. Now, like in other times, I have a new lens and I cannot believe that people have survived this.

I guess what is happening is that these weeks of being back at work have been horribly overwhelming. Emotionally we've managed; at work I am getting a lot done, but its in logistics like figuring out day-care for January, meeting with people, paying bills, and managing to eat that we are struggling. How will we ever get a second to breathe. Our pace right now is totally unsustainable. I figure we could make it until Christmas like this- but then, something's gotta give.

So here's my question: Does it get easier? Do you adjust to new normal? Or what gives? I'm guessing it is all of the above. But, without being too advicey, what was it for you?


  1. I wonder the same thing! It does get easier, but I'm not sure if it's that the kids get easier, or that we get accustomed to them, or what. I imagine it must have something to do with grace for all parties involved.

  2. I remember being outraged that my pediatrician would put me on hold. Didn't they know that the baby could cry at any minute!!! I would also cry because I knew so many women who managed babies as single moms and I couldn't even do it with a supportive husband.
    It does come around and slowly gets easier. I think your grief analogy is right on. Whether you notice or not each day is easier than the last in some way.

  3. Time, that's how it gets easier or rather not easier cause it still kinda sucks, but time as it goes on will make it easier. You'll develop your program of going through the day and it will be more easily accomplished. You'll be able to do it. Fortunately for us Anne was able to stay home with Chuck but we managed before she stayed home and had to work the first 7 months of his life, just by taking it one day at a time.


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