Christmas Cheer

Our hot water heater is shot. We haven't had hot water in 3 days. My last 2 showers were in the kitchen with a washcloth and a pot of warm water on the stove. A bit refreshing, frustrating, and pioneery all at the same time.

Last night our de-cafe coffee was not decafe. Our whole family went to bed at 8:30 but I was up from 10-2 Sean was up from 11-2 and Junia was up from 1-2. We need to pack to get on a plane tonight, but packing for a baby is a new adventure for us and packing in general is an anxiety maker for me. Oh, and I need a haircut, my breastpump stopped working at work (without Junia) so I had to run out and buy one before I exploded, one of my work ideas flopped and I didn't have time for coffee this morning so a headache is slowly creeping in.

BUT, someone here at work mentioned that my mailbox was full. I went down to the offices to check my mail and ran into like 10 people all full of joy, excitement and general holiday merriment. People were giving away hugs, wishing us well and just generally feeling celebratory. I was never tempted to bah-humbug things today but it's nice to be invited into general cheerfulness.


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