We've had no time to really get Christmas together this year. Having a tree up, putting up some advent decorations, and wrapping the few presents we have feels like we are doing well. But amid this reality I am finding some of my own hope for future traditions.

It's likely that many Christmases we will not be in our home on that day. But I think I am starting to realize how much I want Christmas to be a season from Christmas day to Epiphany. Yeah, yeah we all say that. But I think Sean and I are really moving towards that. We don't want to haul things across the country, we don't want to frantically get things ready, and we DO want to celebrate in our home AND with family. We do want to be able to send kind notes with the presents we do send. And we do want to let Christmas linger.

Since I have off until after new years the week after Christmas should still afford time to finish making some presents, us some cozy meals at home, evenings of unwrapping presents and the continuation of Christmas beyond December 25.


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