A moment alone!

I was at a conference today on spiritual care for Adolecents. I got done early and needed to get some work done. So here I am in a coffee shop responding to emails and working on my reflection for tomarrow's prayer service.

No one in this room knows that I have a baby, that I am a lactating woman, that I haven't been alone this long in months. To the other people staring at laptops with lattes beside them I am just a poorly dressed hipster who has a very oldschool Mac. Parts of it are totally freeing. What a delight to be away from the little bug. What a thrill to have a moment to compose emails, work on a reflection, and ponder ministry while not sitting on a bouncy ball with a baby strapped to me.

Though, I confess, I am looking forward to some cuddle time on the couch when I get home.


  1. Ha! I know that feeling so well. I always feel like a fugitive when I am in the car by myself. So freeing.


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