Negotiating Traditions

Marriage, at least how Sean and I do it, involves compromsie, and a hell of a lot of discussion! So lately we've been talking about holidays, traditions, and what kinds of rituals we want Junia to be involved in. Last year we did a bit for Advent- but honestly we didn't even really do Christmas, as we were on our way to our honeymoon in Thailand.

We are trying to figure out what to do about Santa, about celebrating, getting each other gifts, how we will honor it. Funny though, the thing that rises up within us with a tremendous amount of strength centers around food. What kinds of foods we each had on our holidays are really important parts of our memory. I remember Dad making scrambled eggs on Christmas morning as mom finished the cinnamon rolls. Sean recalls the Christmas French toast (we've made it not on Christmas and he always says it makes him "feel like it's Christmas). I've got to have some dark meat turkey and mashed potatoes and Sean loves him some cranberry ice stuff.

So I don't exactly know where I am going with this post. But there are two themes I think will show up in the next couple months worth of posting. 1. Developing traditions around our life with a child. 2. Changing our rituals around food-ie the eucharist.


  1. It's so funny how significant food traditions become: my family didn't really have any until about 10 years ago, and then we started eating clam chowder and oyster crackers with baked brie before the Christmas vigil mass, and Impressive Cheeses bought from an Old Philadelphia Cheesemonger during the day on Christmas. Neither of those is that big of a thing -- I mean, we don't even make the clam chowder: we just get Campbell's. But once you develop an association with something...


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