Toy Drive for Teens

Here is the outline for a reflection I will be giving at work for our Advent prayer service. The kids have decided to do a "Toy" drive for teens in Juvinile hall.

Have you ever been in a room with no light?

Total darkness. Like a cave?

I remember in Junior high going spelunking- caving

Expecting my eyes to focus

Feeling around in front of me

Taking each step little by little.

Listening very closely to each sound.

The breath of people around me

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We are in Advent- approaching the darkest time of the year.

It is not coincidence that winter solstice and Christmas are right next to each other.

The church does that to remind us that Jesus brings light to darkness.

As Christians we are also expected to bring light to darkness.

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In the readings we are presented with darkness.

People away from God are in darkness

The teenager in juvinile hall is in darkness

The sick, naked, lonely, and imprisoned are in darkness.

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And we as Christians are not asked, not invited- but expected and called to shine light into the darkness of those who are lonely, sick, naked, imprisoned etc.

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This Advent the Community we are supporting are the teenagers at Juvinile Hall.

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One of the first ways we do this is through prayer.

That is why we gather today to pray for your peers. Other teens who are awaiting trials and sentencing in juvinile hall.

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The other way we do this is through charity.

That is why each of us is invited to offer our resources by getting hygiene products, games to help pass the time, clothing, and candy for a special treat.

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Finally we do this through Justice.

This means that we educate ourselves about the system.

We read about juvinile hall.

And we work in our community to alleviate the injustice.

Speaking out against racism, sexism and homophobia.

We write our legislators demanding fair trials, adequate funding, and institutional reform.

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This is how we shine light in dark places.


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