Annoying things people say to parents of babies

1, Enjoy it. They grow up so fast.

This implies I am not enjoying it. And pretty much like all things it has amnesia about all the hard parts.

2. As soon as they start crawling- it's all over

What's all over? Contrlo? I promise I didn't have any of that before.

3. "She's so big" "She's so little"

- whatever the size don't bother commenting. It's not worth it.

4. "Did you know she can do xxx"

If I didn't know it then I feel like a shitty parent when you tell me. And most of the time I knew it anyway because I spend a ton of time with her.

5. When strangers ask, "A boy or a girl"

Does this really matter to you? Why do you care about the gender of the child sitting accross from you at the restaurant?

6. "My granddaughter...."

Really...That's nice but they live in North Carolina so I don't really care about what your granddaughter Sophie is doing. Besides I just met you at this restaurant.

7. Diagnosing the problem.

Baby crying "She must be cold," "She must be hungry" "Need a nap huh?" I assure you that babies cry and you telling me why she is crying just makes me mad at you and not her. So at least that helps.


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