Garden blogs last month were full of T.S. Eliot's line, "April is the cruelest month," noting that there really isn't any produce to speak of in April- even if there are days that it feels like their should be.

After several rainy and chilly weekends I got back in the garden this weekend and the dirt under my fingernails is still there to prove it. The lettuce that I planted in April and appeared weeks after sowing has disappeared. Did sometihng eat it? Was there a frosty morning? Did it just decide to give up? With the exception of 2 plans it is no longer there THus, I sowed 2 new rows of lettuce this weekend, put in another 2 rows of potatoes, thinned the lentils and pulled a couple carrots out to add to a slaw. The potatoes I put in about 3 weeks ago have leaves and are growing nicely.

On a sudden burst of inspiration this afternoon I cleared a patch out of the front yard and planted some squash in their distinctively squashy mounds.

I didn't realize that I liked gardening so much until last year and this year it has continued to be a life giving hobby for me. I love to work at my own pace, be creative, and to also have my alone time. This combines all three of those elements. Oh, and I love getting dirty and connecting with the rootedness of agriculture.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be hearing about my garden all summer long and into the fall. Junia should be sleeping but is fussing in her crib I think maybe I'll grab the bottle and let her finish it off.


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