Adventures in Travel

I love how everyone looks a tad rough in this one.
Junia swinging along in Buddy's side yard.
All 5 of the Grandkids- soon to be 6!

A short stint to Buddy's house (My mom-Junia's grandmother) was fun and exhausting. We got in after a red eye on Wednesday night and I collapsed. Junia held on for several hours but eventually napped. Family (my siblings and niecews) gathered and at one moment I glanced into the living room and saw all of my niecews together. "Whoa," I thought 5 kids we are almost outnumbered."

It was great to be around my siblings and niecews and especially to see the personalities of some of my niecews emerging and to see my brother before he heads to Afghanistan for a year. So after this brief visit, we boarded a plan for Dallas and then another for Seattle yesterday and made it back pretty well. In fact, the woman next to me was by far more irritating than Junia! Junia slept on me almost the whole 4 hour flight from Dallas to Seattle and I didn't even drug her!

It's good to be back in our house, next to Sean (he couldn't go), and frankly in our Seattle sunshine rather than Illinois rain (weird I know)! But I'm not back on our routine just yet... my next adventure...Today I head up to work (yes on a Sunday!) for a retreat...and urban about homelessness with adolescents retreat... It's probably my favorite retreat of the school year but yikes sleeping on a gym floor after 3 days of travel isn't feeling like a dream come true at all!

And Tuesday has another exciting event up its sleeve. But because I don't know exactly who reads this so I can't tell you just yet.


  1. Great pictures. It's so cool to see all the little ones together!


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