Homesick for summer

My friend Adele writes a blog about her life ,and lately she has been writing about finding summer in places. I would love to join her on these musings over the "search for summer" but here in Seattle we are in the throws of March still. Yes, our sunshine is rare, our rain frequent, our breeze cold. I LOVE living in Seattle but this is such a hard season. The rest of the country is warmed up and delighting in the richness of late spring and they are starting to get nervous that summer will arrive next week. In Seattle we bundle under our sweatshirts and fleeces, we hopefully flip off the heat in our houses pleading with the universe that it won't go on until the fall... This is all quite tolerable in March, but in May I(and now June!) it is just wearing, exhausting, and slowly the hope is dripping away.

I'm reminded of how hard this season is to an even greater degree now that Sean and I spent 3 days in Toronto in 80 degree weather. I've never seen so much of Junia's legs before! What a delight to get sweaty, to take a cool bath, to flip off the comforter in the night, to have dirty feet from a day of sandal wearing!

Come summer and be all around.
Settle in.
Bring in your humidity.
Let the dry heat evaporate the tide of salt off my brow.
Bring your fog over the cool water of the ocean.
Escort tomatoes onto our table.
And in August when I rescind this, surely I will not mean it.

We will see...


  1. We like very different things out of our weather -- feel free to take my summer!!


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