Baby's first civil protest

J is really mad about the new bill in Arizona, at least that's my explanation for why she has been so fussy! Nonetheless we decided this was the year to do something to support our brothers and sisters. So we headed to the May Day Immigration Rights Rally/Protest/March through Seattle today. We hauled it about 5 miles. Phew.

For our family the intersection of faith and justice is a powerful one. God is not a person of borders and Jesus, if he did anything, was deconstruct tribalism- think good samaritan, think embracing women, think criquing saducees and for us immigrant rights is a matter of faith.

I confess, when we got to the start of the March we were on the side walk watching people march by and I was moved to tears. It was so powerful to be among children, women, and men many of whom were latino all shouting together. I felt so moved, so grateful for the ways that they contribute to our country, and so proud to be supporting them. I felt so aware of the problems of their home countries (and the ways that we have contributed to these problems) I felt in honor of the experiences of immigrants (forgive my stereotyping), the fruit they have picked, the white babies they have nannied, the dishes they have washed, the funerals and weddings they haven't been able to go home for, and the hope they strive to give their children. Knowing that in their own way my ancestors also faced an uphill battle I hoped to offer them my own solidarity.


  1. 喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。........................................

  2. Gah! I LOVE this. The rally in Boston was great - and I love that you were doing the same thing 3,000 miles away.


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