Monday night and Unable to sleep

It's 10 o'clock PM and I should be sleeping. After leading a retreat for 35 adolecents I am exhausted. But as S snoozes beside me, Maggie chases dreamy squirrels, and J eases into another sleep cycle withou waking up I am in bed worrying about all the things I need to do. Trying to figure out how to turn off my head and sleep.

So in the morning I will put this list to paper accomplish these things:

-Plan details of the senior retreat
-Call retreat center
-Hassle seniors about sign ups
-Confirm the ministers for bacculaureate
-Get the readings for bacculaureate
-Shop and pack for senior retreat
Journals, pots, paint, clay
-Talk to K2E
-Prepare words for graduation
-Write a thank you note for O'Dea
-Pick up cookies and deliver
-Edit and categorize prayer book

-Decide about gift for Mike
-Pack to Toronto
-Figure out what to wear
-Write down questions
-Print off schedule
-Pack bag to take to work (Junia)
-Unpack bags from retreat
-Hoe the garden
-Replant squash
-Spray-paint pots
-Tell Emma we are not going to BPP graduation
-Put laundry away

What else am I going to think of as soon as I rest my head on this lumpy and overpriced pillow? A poem below.

Monday night and unable to sleep

Sitting in bed watching the sillhouettes of pedestrians pass by.
Quiet, focused, and determined Monday night walkers, not the footsteps of saturday's pedestrians. Off to their homes or their midnight jobs. Off to their own beds, their own haunting thoughts, their own restlessness.


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