1 year ago

Having a child is a very clear demarcation of time. This is why people are constantly saying to children, "I remember when you were this big" or blah blah blah- because in our memories things flow pretty evenly but children change and grow so quickly that they mark, very clearly, the passage of time.

So too this is a bit of what I am doing this weekend. 1 year ago today we were doing everything in our power to get a baby out of me without having to go the hospital. This was a day of doing squats in the backyard, walking up and down our stairs, gardening and stopping for contractions etc. Sadly this doesn't mark the day the J was born. Her birthday is the 23. However, it does mark a day when I felt like she was born. I remember holding on to the railing of our patio squatting through a contraction and deciding that I wanted this baby.

Let's be honest, I've had some reservations since then; I've also had more days than not that I want her. What a year it has been... some pictures to honor the changes...


  1. I love all the pictures. And you are right about a new way to mark time and events in our lives. I already keep track of things by remembering if it was pre-pregnancy, during, or after.


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