This sucks...

I wonder if every third week in August from now on is going to suck. Last year it was childbirth an this year it's daycare. Let's be honest, leaving her at daycare this week has been aweful. The first day it was my issue; and 4 days in it's gotten worse. Our happy go lucky easy going little person has turned into an over-tired, super fussy, and very clingly little person. She's feeling crazy insecure and isn't getting the naps she needs and it is all taking a toll.

On her. On us.

My eyes are puffy lately from the crying and I cannot decide if I should let this move in me like grief or if I should continue the "this is normal," "she will get used to it," "we are not hurting her," talk. The reality is that at least for a couple of weeks we need to exist in both of these realms. She woke up this morning and was decidedly unhappy- with everything and everyone. It was like having a 15 year old- without words.

This is hard.


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