Daycare begins...

Gladly my first day at a new job did not have to coincide with the first day of taking J to day care. S is on-call tomorrow night so he had today off. So tomarrow, on day number 2 of work, we will leave Junia with strangers and trust her care to them.

It's heart wrenching to leave her. No don't give me all the good reasons. I know that she'll love playing all day; I know that she is super social and will be happy with other kids; I know that I am doing work that I believe in; I also know that economically I don't have any other choice. But, honestly it's tough.

Perhaps the wisdom somewhere in this is that even God entrusted people that she didn't know know with her child. She left her child to a human family and a faulty world...I guess that's where my faith plays into this. Show me God, how to trust those who care for my child. How to trust that leaving her is good for her. That the greatest gift she has is parents to love and hold her. And this, is a promise I continue to give. Amen.


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