Reflections on New England

It's been over two years since I've been to New England. S and I moved July of '08. But this past weekend we flew into Boston and have been visiting people and places that have meaning for us.(okay we'll S had to go back to Seattle) It was amazing how, while in Harvard Square, I could feel in my feet the dips and curves of the sidewalk and I felt the stone sidewalk underneath my feet that at the library in front of Weston. It was (and is) amazing how much my body knows Cambridge. I didn't realize it until now.

I am also surprised at how different Seattle is from here. Duh, right? But New England and them midwest, for example, just aren't as contrasting as Seattle vs either of them. Surprised last night to hear crickets and the sounds of summer bugs, delighted to drive by a cornfield, amazed that the trees are only about 5 stories high-I didn't realize that Seattle was so different until now.

Other things are all over my mind- Star Island, architecture, the difference of the ocean/development of beaches, the green-ness of Seattle and our lifestyle...etc.


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