Abundant creativity

I have discovered the underworld of crafty women blogs. My crafty self is jealous that these women seem to have time to make beautiful things and also somehow manage to take pictures and blog about them. I'd love to blame it on the 3" of water in the basement or the piles of laundry that cannot be done until our landlord gets of his a**. But that would just be excuses. The reality is that I am bad at taking pictures and uploading them and that my creative projects have been in use. The painted table, the recovered glider, the frames, the doll, they are all now distributed in the chaos of our lives rather than waiting in corner to be photographed and shared.

I don't mean to complain though, our lives are wonderful blessed chaos. J is more fun than ever, my job is good (albeit lonely for people who know me) and our schedules are much more sane then they were last year. Honestly, things are good.

When I am at my healthiest my creative energy just wells up from within me. So the fact that I am craving more time to work on things that bring me joy is ultimately a gift. For September to be upon us, for spirits to be high and for abundance to be a word I am using.


  1. I love your ability to make beautiful and delicious-looking things! You are amazing and an inspiration to craftily-inclined friends everywhere :-)


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