Tidbits from this coast.

Things have been busy lately, my typing fingers have been up to other things. I don't really have time for a full fledged post, we've got to get to bed by 9:30pm after all! But some updates:

-Spent an overnight with the G-parents. No parents for miles.
-Threw up in the car on our way back from Portland and took a bath in the chevron station sink.
-Is going back to day-care after a week off. Kind of sad. Not as sad as the kid who was still screaming 45 minutes after his Mom left when I dropped J off this am.
-Has the chicken pox. A result of the chicken pox vaccine....what's the point of the vaccine...except that she isn't contagious.

Finished a huge amount of work for work---yipeee.
Spent an overnight without baby---no baby for miles.
Is wonderful.
Is loved.
Is discovering his love of peanutbutter pie- as I type.

Is meeting a ton of new people at the new job.
Thus, I am tired.
I have this lingering cold that last week was a runny nose and is now turned into a hacking horrible cough.
Spent 2 nights without baby---in the past week. First in over a year!
Thinking of things religious. Of family (hi Tim!), of seasons changing.
Today, I was driving down 22nd street and their was a strong breeze. All the leaves were flying across the street. Wow.
We kayaked on Saturday- S and I- WONDERFUL and FUNDERFUL---

We FINALLY have red tomatoes
We really need to unpack and do grown-up clothing laundry.
Today was not my birthday- at least we didn't celebrate it- even though I was technically born 29 years ago today- birthday observed will be on Friday.
Maggie ate a wooden spoon today.
J has a new baby doll who is named Louie.


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