How to get cozy

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Wow, so Seattle maybe had like 6 weeks of summer. But really, we only had about 6 days. This was a very cool summer out here. Rumor has it we are supposed to have a brutal winter in store as well. We shall see....

With the early arrival of fall (think like September 1st) we are eating our evening meals indoors again---so sad--- but other things are happening that feel like our cozy house rather than our summer house---things we do to be cozy in the cooler seasons

1. Candles.

We light candles in the evenings, with our meals or whenever the clouds are looming heavy.

2. Cocoa as an evening snack.

It has the comfort of the warm mug without the caffeine of coffee. And cocoa is delicious, I'm not talkin' swiss miss. I'm talking milk, sugar and the good stuff. My tip- go to a store with an awesome bulk section and get fair trade dutch cocoa- it's amazing.

3. The Hoody.
Keep that hoody- the wear around the house, wear out for errands, wear everywhere hoody accessible at all times.

4. Food.
Enjoy squash. Enjoy the remnants of summer produce. Because soon we are going to be so damn sick of swiss chard.

5. Books.
Something about fall, about school starting, about the shorter days screams books.

But, reader, I need help, the cold seasons are long. Very long. How do you stay cozy, snuggle up, and enjoy the season?


  1. I'm pretty much into all the things you mentioned. We're having a beautiful September so far. During the day temps in 70s with cool, crisp fall nights. Glorious. I'd only add several things:

    1. Buy/plant mums. Nothing says fall like mums.

    2. Leaves. I collect leaves that look particularly beautiful in their fall colors. Do the leaves fall in Seattle?

    3. Cider. Patrick LOVES hot cider simmered with cinnamon sticks and cloves.

  2. Fire in the fireplace; homemade soup; dim the lights; close the blinds; pull up the covers around the chin; put on soft music; wear socks;


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