Love of my life---for 30 years

Today at church our Pastor (a priest comes in for the mass but our parish is run by a lay woman) and her husband had a small ritual honoring their 30th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful. And even though one of the annoying weaknesses of our parish is that there are constantly "special events" it was great.

How often do men who have been married 3o years called their wives, "The Love of My life." It was beautiful, it connected me with my own beloveds and made some of the grief around my Dad bubble up from the surface.

S and I have been enjoying the 2 hours between 7-9 while J is asleep and we are still awake. We've kept our house at our most comfortable level of cleanliness, we've been watching movies, reading, and cuddling. It's been so great! We are just tremendously lucky. Being partnered is such a gift- and honestly- it is a priveledge as well.


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