Lately our routine has bee parking the car at J's daycare and then walking to the main intersection near there and either grabbing a bus or walking to work. It's a great time to get exercise that is built into my day and if I am running late on either end of the day the bus runs frequently, so it's not a big deal. Except today I had every intention of grabbing the bus, because my knee has been hurting me. I walked 4 blocks to the bus stop only to realize my wallet was in the car. Whoops. Walking it is then.

It's funny though, I haven't walked this much or this consistently since living in Cambridge over three years ago. I know that walk so well. Day after day of walking... While at the top of a hill this morning I thought, "now I have gone as far as from my apartment to harvard square" and halfway down the hill I thought, "Now I am at that silly candy shop/t-shirt store," and near the playing fields I knew, "I am passing the school of ed library..." My body knows what certian lengths feel like according to Cambridge. Eventually it'll probably turn into certian lengths based on Seattle. But that'll take time.


Oh- and there are now some "condos" in my old building that are for sale...What a trip.


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