Painting our DR table

Here is a picture in the middle of Christmas Chaos. Finding J is a little like where's waldo. But absorb the look of our dining room...

I am thinking about painting our dining room table.

It’s a perfectly fine looking pine table, and I love that it is not too precious for us. But I think it might be cool to paint the legs or bottom half. I could do a soft muted tone or a very bold color. I could do the whole thing or even some chalkboard paint on the top. The reality though, is I am learning how much I like bold casual peices of furniture. This idea, of paintingthe table, is just beginning to formulate in my mind, and if we end up buying a house I'll probably wait until we move in and stuff.

Here's some inspiration for me though:

These cabinets capture a top bottom contrast thing that I really like.

So this one is obviously a coffee table but I like the bright pink. It's bold and playful. I also like that the entire thing isn't pink.

With this picture I really like the colorful chairs around the table and how they add a bit of pop and playfulness. No one expects a serious fancy meal here.

So I like that this table has a soft look to it an contrasts with the floor nicely.


  1. Don't Paint the Top!! I love the rough, ragged, lived-in look of an old wooden table. Makes it looked used and loved, like many people have sat there eating, laughing, rolling out dough, doing homework, art projects, taxes etc.

    I think painting the bottom could be cool though. I too like the pink coffee table -- though I don't think bright pink would fit in every dining room....


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