Tuesday night!

We thought that S's Dad was going to be in town to take use out to dinner tonight. Sadly he wasn't able to be around; even though we have dinner fixins in the fridge we both had our hearts set on pizza and a beer. So I picked S up at work after a long day and we headed to our favorite Seattle kid friendly pizza place (All Purpose Pizza).

It has a great little play kitchen for little people, they give kids dough, and it is a great place. Best of all?! Tonight had pitchers of beer for half price. So we got a pitcher. I think I drank most of it. And though I rarely even get a buzz or get the warm glow from too much alchohol in my body it is, lets be honest, sometimes too much alcohol is a wonderful and beautiful albeit vulnerable feeling to have in the context of an amazingly supportive loving partner.

So S rocks J to sleep and I head off to bed.


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