Sanity and Summer

I've got to get myself back to the blogosphere. So give me a break. This might not be my best post ever...but I love having this practice in my life. I've just got to keep it in my life.

I've found a secret to add to my sanity. But first, the insanity. J goes to bed between 6 and 7 so when we get home from at 5:15 at the earliest it is hard to give her the attention she wants, make dinner, and get it eaten in time before she crashes from exhaustion. It has been hard. When S works late or is on call it is even harder because there is no one doing baby duty. So the sanity trick?

I've been prepping dinner the night before, after all since she goes to bed so early we have some time afterward. This prepping involves either chopping vegetables and measuring out spices or half cooking it and then putting it in the fridge to finish the next night.

On another note, we have been pulling out the fruit from our stores of summer's frozen bounty and enjoying canned peaches. It has been a delight to have fruit and have some of the raspberries and blueberries with the sweetness of summer still in them.


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