Re-upholstered, ressurected, chairs

When I moved to my first unfurnished apartment I acquired furniture because it functioned. Slowly these things are being weaned out of our lives. 2 dining room chairs have recently perished. Slowly, they've been loosening and the particle board is falling apart. They are now at the point where we are taking bets on how how many days they have left.

(I really don't think it is necessary to take then upload a photo of the old ones)

In the meantime this set of chairs, also a donation from a friend for my first unfurnished apartment, have been hanging out in the basement. Something about them charmed me. What? I didn't know until last week.

Then, bam! I realized I could recover them with fabric and they could recover their glory. While all this was stewing around in my head, we were browsing in a vintage shop and there was 3 yards of funky colorful fabric that was reasonably priced, and let me tell you upholstery fabric ain't cheap!

That is how the old gold and silver vinyl ugly-ass (yes the term is really appropriate here!) chairs turned into these chairs.


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