Catholic thoughts?

I am thinking about starting another side blog about Catholic things. Is this crazy?

I figure I might just take some of my notes from presenations I give in faith formation classes along with articles I read and my various spewing opinoins about things and put them out there in the world.

Is this silly or unnecessary?

I guess part of it would to put a liberal yet faithfilled voice out there in the internet world. Internet searches are chock full of conservative catholics and of ex-angry catholics but the middle voices are fewer and far between. Though they do exist. That's fo sho!

Should I just rant periodically in this forum or are ya'll going to be annoyed by my periodic catechesis as well?


  1. I think starting a separate blog is a great idea, as you may find it gets a separate following.
    Of course, I will visit both. ;)

  2. I like it when you muse about Catholic things here, but I'll probably follow both blogs, too :)

  3. Whatever you decide, I would enjoy reading it all.

  4. I would definitely welcome and read it!!


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