Getting rid of the weeds in the cracks of our patio

Our patio in our lovely little rental house has major cracks. So of course every spring and summer coming through the cracks are some major weeds. Frankly, weed wacking doesn't happen all that often around here, so in our lamenting all these weeds that make our patio look totally crap we decided to attempt a new agenda! And so, it didn't hail salted!

We don't care about the soil quality underneath the paving brick, but we don't want chemicals. So we decided that we would cover our patio with salt and let the spring rain dissolve it. With a bit of luck, Sean found a 40lb bag of water softener salt.

Last week our patio was pretty rocky with all of these chunks of salt all over. But after too much rain our plants are dying and our patio is looking better.


  1. My grandmother (good old Nebraska farm stock) told me to salt and then boiling water weeds in the cracks of cement--I tried and it works for a while though they do tend to come back.

    Miss you guys--we'll have to get together this summer some time!



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