Our own little Mt. St. Helens

Junia's default way of being sick is throwing up. Seriously she throws up more than any other kid I know. In the past year we have not gone a single week without at least 1 vomit episode. They usually aren't bad or related to sickness...she'll just burp...and then she blows. She is our own little Mt. St. Helens! I figure she has a weak(ish) esophagus muscle or something.

Sunday evening when she started throwing up I figured it was the same thing...but then came the dry heaves and she was going at it all evening. Sick over night and into yesterday morning, our poor girl finally turned a corner yesterday afternoon. I took off today, as she had a fever and couldn't be in daycare today. She is pretty much better but still not interested in food, not that I blame the poor kid.

So last night after she went to bed, we finally took the time to clean up the kitchen, scrub up some throw-up stains off the rug and vacuum. But now that I've been at home all day, the house is a mess again, the kitchen is scoffing at me, and I haven't had a normal meal yet. How the hell do stay at parents do this? Moreover...how do they enjoy this day in and day out?


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