Adventures in the Midwest

We are in Southern Illinois for 2 weeks.  Not all of us.  Me and the girls are here for 2 weeks. The Mister is in and out.  Summer is his busy season.  The irony of it is that I need a break from parenting and he needs a break from work.  Life is so immoderate!

The temperature in my life is also immoderate!  It is 100+ degrees for the forseeable future here.  My confession is that I'm enjoying it. I was so sick of being cold in Seattle that I'll take some roasting heat.  Here some of my other disconnected thoughts.

Sexism is everywhere. It is more explicit in small town midwest.  
             Because a woman could not know what kind of fishing line she wants right?

I hate being blamed for "bringing the weather."
              "you should have brought the rain from Seattle..." yup I am over being told that.  Stop blaming me for impossibility.  I'm sorry it is hot and you are having a drought. I did not cause it and cannot reverse it.

I like Safeco Field where the Mariners play way more than the new Busch Stadium. 
                Though it was so hot there were about as many people there as go to a mariners game.  
                 Which means there weren't many folks in attendance.

My daughter loves her cousins.

I love the freedom that bringing her here affords.
              Vast space. Freedom to roam. Freedom to play with almost anything.


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