Notes from a growing Family 4

Sean is at home and we are in Illinois with my family.  My sister who visited and helped out 3 weeks ago is here with her family and what is most suprising to me is how much easier Miriam has gotten in these three weeks.

She is awake more often, chill more, easier to get to sleep more, and with last night as an exception sleeping a bit more at night.  It's great to have comparison points though to take a mental note: Yes this is getting easier.

I am amazed at people who have babies in the heat. It is 100 degrees here. It has been since we arrived 5 days ago and will be for the next 5 days or so.  Baby wearing is harder when it is hot.  Baby swaddling is almost totally out of the question, and breastfeeding is a sticky sweaty endeavor in the heat.  Phew. Thank God we live in Seattle.

It is also amazing to see my toddler with her cousins. Her personality is more distinctive when I see her with other kids. To be honest, she is so chill. She shares, the is very sensitive, she plays alone, she is observant.  It is also harder to pay attention to her when her other cousins are bold, territorial, and assertive. With Sean being back in Seattle I'm trying to take moments when Miriam is chill or with someone else and make them special for her.  What a challenge.

Knowing that I have to go back to work in August is starting the haunt me. I'm not thinking about it a lot, and some days I want to go back, but I am also dreading it.  This time is so sweet and honestly, I am growing as a person.  Yeah that's right, I am bored out of my mind some days but I am being challenged to grow as a person...

Miriam is still crying in the car every time we go anywhere.  When we are in the car and she is screaming her head off, I cannot talk about it.  I will not talk about it.  I will talk about weather or baseball or the cost of tea in China. But I will not talk about my screaming baby.   That's when I go crazy.

The worst part of the crying baby in the car syndrome is that on Sunday we are driving 3 hours to a Doll Family Reunion...That drive is likely to take 6 hours.  Any pointers out there from you parents who have car screaming babies?


  1. might be a weird suggestion, but I know it worked for my niece who screamed a lot. They thought she suffered from really bad car sickness and decided to try sea bands. It helped some. I know Miriam is still tiny, but maybe worth a shot?


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