Blessed is home

After being away for 18 days Miriam, Junia and I are back! We are all out of sorts! With piles of laundry, bags to be sorted through, a time change to adjust back too, grocery shopping to be done and all that kind of stuff we are going to take a bit of time to find our groove again.

But wow! How wonderful it is to be in my own home with my own expectations of how to be in this place.  It is so great to have our own playthings and our own shampoo. It is so wonderful to be back.  And, alas the weather is mild here and summer is gentle.  I was ready to leave the blasted heat and humidity of the midwest.

I cannot say though that it was easy to leave.  Sure I was ready to have my space back.  But even when I am ready to go I feel sad to leave "home."  Even though I love Rainier, and Puget Sound, even though I bath in the wonders of mild summers and mild winters I still don't feel like it is mine.

Somehow, the sunsets of my childhood home are mine.  The smells of corn, of humidity, even of drought are somehow more mine than the smells and sounds that are here. So I miss it.

Miriam is growing so much.  In recent weeks she has been smiling at Junia, grabbing at toys, taking naps off of people and turning into a person! She also spent a LOT of time last week nursing so lets toast to a growth spurt!

We spent our last two days in St. Louis doing wonderful tourist things and had a blast! We ate at Ted Drews, went to to a great church (St. Cronan's), had brunch at Southwest, enjoyed the Bontanical gardens,  stayed at unnecessarily extravagant hotels for super cheap courtesy of, and explored the city museum which was one of the coolest places I've been.

All in all. It's good to be home.


  1. So glad you got to St. Cronan's! It was my parish when I lived in St. Louis. Wonderful people, wonderful place!


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