Hello from the heat.

Southern Illinois is hot.
Really hot and having a drought.

I know this because that is where we are.
It's like being in a crock pot.

I didn't mind it at  first, after all it's been very chilly in Seattle.
But after 9 days I am done.  I am very very done with the heat.
Because when it is this hot you are trapped. Trapped like it is winter and we are having a blizzard.

I also don't know the signs of heatstroke in children. But having to monitor the heat levels of my baby and toddler sucks.  Besides, when Junia is hot and asleep she yells at me. Last night I was verbally asulted for much too long. I hate being yelled at...but while someone is sleeping and yelling at me...that really really sucks.  

That's all from the heat front. 


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