We are moving!

I don't remember when this dream started.  It was pretty early on though; probably in 2009 sometime we made a trip over to Vashon for the first time and loved it. Vashon-Maury Island is an island in Puget Sound accessible only by Ferry or Water Taxi.  See look here on the wikipedia page.
Vashon Island picture from wikepedia

Since having a family Sean and I have been dreaming of moving over there. Giving our family a quiet space, freedom to play, be wild, and enjoy some of wonders of the world you just can't get living in the city.

We have been thinking that the spring of 2013 would be the time for moving. But after two weeks at my Mom's place, 10 miles from any town with lots of space to roam and run our minds started churning.  On Saturday we looked at a house rental. Just to see.  And even though 12 hours earlier we had decided that we couldn't move right now we left our visit to the house with a verbal yes, a million decisions to make, and a lot of sorting to do.
Photo from: http://www.phoenix5.org/gallery/seattle/FerryRainier.html
This is the Ferry Arriving at Vashon Island Ferry Dock

Well things are starting to get sorted out: our childcare is going to work out, we have some leads on a preschool, we have examined the ferry schedules next to our work schedule, and we have a list of fears.  Today I went and bought tape and boxes.  We are on our way!  Living our dream.


  1. OH WOW! Congrats! You are so brave to do the daily ferry thing. Can't wait to visit you in your new blissful home. You will make it a beautiful place to be, I know.

  2. Cool Congrats!....Now I will HAVE to come visit you!

  3. This is so exciting!!! You were both so nourished by that idea last year when I was out there... I am so, so glad this is becoming a reality for you! Love to you all!


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