Making Christmas Last

We are doing a couple things that are helping to make Christmas a season  not a day...a very good thing for us!

We have not opened all our presents.

Our rug still has tape on it.
Someone doesn't like her new fedora.
We started Christmas as Sean's parents' house last weekend.

We are cooking our own Christmas feast on Sunday.

We are trying to be mindful of being together.

Having time off from work for both of us.

Wearing Christmas pajamas all the time.

Small trips in the area.

4 legs lots of stripes!  Everyone got pajama pant that I made for Christmas. 
WE saw this on the side of the road with a sign that said "free" in October. We stashed it in the trunk and painted it yellow.
Eating more Christmas cookies and snacks than necessary.

There are, on the other hand, some things that I wish we were doing to make this season more rich for us.

What I wish we were doing?

I wish we were doing a bit more reflection on the season/readings

I wish we were spending a bit of time with my family (we aren't seeing any Doll's this holiday)

I wish there were one night/morning with snow.

What about you? What are you doing to extend the holiday? What do you wish you were doing?  Please please readers tell me.


  1. I love Christmas pjs and the lounging they encourage.

    I don't have many official Christmas practices, other than celebrating the 12 days of Christmas beginning on the 25th, not ending then. Lots of pondering, wondering, and imagining how it was so long ago for Mary and her family. I'm also being really good to myself this year - there is much down time, knitting time, tea time, quiet time, movie time, and most importantly, Puff time. I'm deeply grateful to be able to step away from the day to day challenges of work and people for a time and to live into these things I hold so close. These are sacred and holy days.



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