New Years Eve...2012

Slept until 9:30am. That's right 9:30am.
With Miriam at my side.

Cleaned the kitchen.
It felt so good.

Stayed in my PJs until 3:30.
Worked on a prayer service for Sean coming up in January.

Had a meltdown moment that Christmas was over when the tree, stockings, signs, and other wonderful decor all got take down.

Compromised leaving the tree up outside.

Watched House Hunters.  God I love that show.
Walked on the beach.
A very cold very lovely beach.
Got our picture taken by some friendly strangers.

Cleaned the downstairs of our house.
Finally Miriam can sit on the rug without eating pine needles.

Settled into a final evening of 2013 with plans to go to bed before midnight.
Someday in our future we will party until midnight.
This is not the year.


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