Notes from a growing family 7

-Letting a three year old play with stryrofoam is fun. She played "snow" for at least 2 hours.

-Cleaning up after playing "snow" sucks.

A clearance halloween costume makes for fun pretending!
-Miriam is huge. 26 lbs.  I don't even think Junia weighed that much at a year.  In the meantime she has a wonderful little spirit. She is delightful, attentive, curious and lovely. She is also a crappy sleeper, kind of a crappy napper, and she better get these 2 new teeth (that makes 4) out already because we are all sick of the drooly, runny nose, extra-fitful sleep that she is struggling with.

I didn't realize that becoming a parent meant that I would have to give up pressing buttons.Though elevators are a great way to learn numbers.
-Sean passed his ACPE Associate Supervisor in November.  You might have read that on a previous post but I think that it is starting to sink in that he doesn't have to be a student anymore and that something we have been working for has come to fruition.  I am realizing that never happens overnight.

-Maggie was hit by a car 2 weeks ago and had surgery last Monday to remove the top of her femur.  Her spirit is just now starting to recover.  It'll be 6 weeks or so before she is walking better.  She has been a hard dog to have on Vashon. Without a fence and so many deer to chase she has been running away a lot.  Her getting hurt is a kind of horrible way to remember how much we love her.

Seriously a sweet, sweet baby.
-Here in the Pacific Northwest we are in the most rainy time of year.  Sometimes we get home damp, cold, and tired.  The fireplace is such a blessing for us in our new house.  We will need another cord of wood probably in January. That is how much we are loving it!

-Life is full and rich.  And, in general we are really happy. I don't believe that bliss is a feeling can authentically be lasting but joy is an undercurrent in all the ups and downs.

-So now, I'm off  to vacuum up the styrofoam that is stuck to our hair, rugs, walls, and floor.

Miriam looks terrible in this photo. She is exhausted,  covered in food and had knocked her face into the table 3 times.  But when I saw this picture I realized that this face is the face of my baby pictures...Whoa.


  1. 26 pounds?! That is incredible! Way to go Miriam! I hope Maggie recovers quickly and fully. How scary to have her in an accident out there! Love to you all.... xo


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