Buying a house! Yikes!

We are buying a house.

Do you know that readers?

Yes. We are. We are getting out of this horrific abusive situation with our landlord and buying a house. Blessed be.  And though buying a house is kinda stressful it is actually not as bad as I thought. Everyone I know talks about how hard it is.  It isn't that bad.  Is it?

We are pretty pumped, and sure we are being VERY careful with money,we are also excited about the chance to own our own land and garden and paint and put down flooring and call something ours!

Here are some pictures:

In no particular order these are 10 things we are pumped about:

1. 5 fruit trees in front.
2. A GIANT (albeit only!) bathtub!
3. A working washing-machine
4. Freedom to do what we want with the space we live in!
5. Putting in a garden.
6. Putting paths in the nearly 1 acre we will own!
7. Choosing some fun colors!
8. Having a gas range again (electric is not for us!)
9. Being out of this house!
10. Being on Vashon Island still!

Yay. We are pumped and a bit afraid.  But yes. So pumped.


  1. I love it!!! Congratulations, guys!! That renovated bathroom is just lovely- and the rest of the house is just your mid-century style :)

  2. Congratulations! The house is fantastic! I love the wood burning stove and the bathroom. Enjoy making it your own.

  3. This is so exciting, and such a relief to hear. I love that you'll still have a wood fire -- and is that a little pond in the back? Good luck with the rest of the process!!

  4. Thanks for all your support everyone!!! We are so so so ready! It is a little pond in the's gonna wig you out Bridget- it feels pretty rural!!


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