We are back

I had to pee while we were on the ferry last night.  So I raced up the stairs, but before I took a step I was startled by the smell of the sea water. Oh it smells so good to be home.

We had a great time though. Cousin time. Grandparent time. Aunt and Uncle time. Grand Aunt time. Even Great Grandparent time.  There was lots of playing and some crying. Miriam is now obsessed with standing and with stairs.

We celebrated 2 birthdays, went to a Cardinals game, and in general enjoyed being away from the routine of our lives (and ahem some particular stressors).

Miriam kind of had a skeptical face for most of the week.

Uncle Adam had 2 kinds of Cake for his birthday.

And, alas this was the view of our days.

Good to have gone. Good to be home.
And so glad to be off the airplane!


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