Family Fun in Washington- My Secret? Wineries and Vineyards

It's time for the world to know, and though I've told it to some people I am going to let my best parenting secret out of the bag....

Take you, and your partner, and your in-laws, and your friends, and most of all your kids (or other people's that you are responsible for and pack some snacks a kick-ball and some bubbles and go to a winery or a vineyard (preferably in Washington or Oregon- rumor hasn't this isn't such a cheap getaway in Sonoma or Napa)

This is seriously the BEST way to have a grown up experience with kids present where the grown ups and the kids have fun.

  • Go to a winery or vineyard that has a lawn and some expansive open space.
  • Adults do a quick tasting- and buy a bottle of your favorite- (or a glass of something you are wiling to have again).
  • Then sit around let the kids run around and play with the ball or bubbles.
  • Drink.
  • Enjoy the sun. Enjoy your kids.
  • Drink again.
  • When you are ready. Do it again at another place or call it a day.

We have been to places that have been amazingly friendly to us and our families: I reccommend:
 2 Mountians in Zillah, WA this place has a playhouse and a tricycle tractor and a really chill atmosphere.
 Dineen in Zillah, WA this place has a swing and some great open greenspace
Woodward Canyon in Walla Walla, WA (next to E'cole- but more friendly) was superb and fenced in, ridiculously friendly and if Walla Walla were closer this might be our go to place..  It was like having someone's backyard to ourselves!

This is from our 2012 Spring maternity leave tour!


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