Sister Love

I love my sister a lot. And before we were adults I was in awe of my sister.  For years and years I thought she was the shit.  (of course she still is).  For years and years she thought I was a little girl. 

While I was at home I said to my brother Jake, "when a 20 year old like you wears those pants..." The next day he turned 30. Oops.

I know in my rational brain what my siblings ages are (or I can figure it out).  But in my subconscious they are always the same age.   From watching my children start to love each other I am starting to get it a bit more.  Miriam at exactly 12 months is obsessed with her sister.  Junia is "the shit."  And perhaps for much of their future lives she will be...

What a wonderful gift to watch these little girls love each other and drive each other crazy! 


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