3 snow days

Yesterday it did not snow in Seattle. It did where the school is so school was cancelled.

Today it has been snowing all day. Several inches and it is beautiful.But, the roads are slick and my sense is that no one knows how to clean them off.

Tomarrow was only supposed to be a half day anyway so school got cancelled.

Did I mention that I was sick on Tuesday and I took off.

What a strange and wonderful week.

So what have I been doing with myself. Well I wish I could say cleaning, creating, sewing, reading novels, writing poetry and so forth. And I have done some of that. I made chocolate covered Graham crackers YUM! Granola- that I don't like that much because I OD'ed on it last year and have some food trauma from but we have guests coming who love it and it is a great gift. And a coconut creme pie. I know it isn't seasonal- or even that sensible- but I was craving it.

I have nothing else to post. I want to post some of pictures but I can't find the cord for my camera- so until then I'll have to keep stealing pictures.

Oh by the way, there is no lesson or moral summary to this blog- It just is what it is.

Final note. In Worcester Sean and I had 2 snowshovels. Somehow they didn't make it on the moving truck. I'm pissed.


  1. Woo hoo! First snow day of the year! I'm jealous. Ben and I are lighting a fire in the fireplace in camaraderie.

  2. What beautiful pictures! We had two snow days this week as well, and they were marvelous! I am loving this little taste of real winter out here in the NW.


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