It is good.

I just love him.

This morning with Sean was one of ups and downs. With the alarm waking him up and me laying there promising to get up when he had breakfast so we could have some time together before he left for work. Then talking after his shower and even laughing about whatever it is people who know each others next words laugh about. Then the sad news that his parents won't be coming until tomorrow night instead of tonight as planned and that he doesn't have a meeting at work- so he could have left earlier and thus come home earlier. The shift in his, and my, moods was palpable.

I have him a hug and a kiss as he left. And not one of those perfunctory ones. But one that you mean in your limbs and even in your toenails (or as we've been calling them toetails)

I wouldn't give it up for almost anything. Well except for him to not have to work today.


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