Career, stay-at-home, somewhere in between

Well based on my postings on this blog you'd think that pregnancy was the only thing I read about on This however, is not true. I just happen to be one of the lucky people who is not (yet) collecting unemployment in fact, I don't even have reason to believe that my job is at risk. It's a strange thing to be considering career options in this economy- but the impending parenthood mandates a re-thinking. . . even if on the surface little changes. . .

Sean's contract will end near the end of August. He is open to all kinds of ministry but doesn't know what kind of work he'll find. We certainly couldn't live on his current salary anyway- but we probably couldn't live off of just mine.

Part of me very much desires staying at home with our turtle. But on the other hand I am not really naturally patient or even very present- which could make me and the turtle a little less than ideally happy at home. And honestly, I have enjoyed parts of my job this year- and I have certainly begun to imagine what next year would look like. But. . . I think I would like to cut back hours. I don't know how many, but I think I could probably commit to getting the same amount of work done by working one day less.

But then the question is- if we are both working do we end up spending more money on day-care than one of us is making. hmmmm.

So who knows what we'll do. I'm not looking for advice. After all, we'll figure it out- based on our finances, personal needs and desires. And whatever decisions we make we'll live with. We'll just dive in. . . and do it. Some days will be fine and some won't. No matter what.


  1. I know you said that you're not looking for advice--and I TOTALLY understand that ('cause it comes often enough unsolicited )but I thought I'd tell you a bit about what I'm (hoping on) doing, as it's also somewhere in the middle.

    The neat thing about the program I'm involved in at the university is that the classes are mostly at night. Now, it's a bit icky sometimes as I feel like my schedule is opposite a lot of people, but it is pretty flexible. This semester, I'm teaching or taking classes Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings...and my husband is home at those times. Yes, we miss some 'together' time, but see this as hopefully working out:
    1) I can't handle just being home all the time without another outlet
    2) I don't think we could afford

    I'll probably be home during the day, and a night or two each week, I'll be gone--to do research (I'm working on an assistantship with another prof) or take a class. Rob agreed to this, thinking it was a great option for me to get out of the house and for Rob to have time to bond with the baby--and not have to worry about the high cost of childcare.

    It's insane, isn't it, how much pressure you get from both sides and it's hard to find a happy medium. Best of luck to you and Sean as you also navigate these unfamiliar waters!


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