Listening in

I don't think I am new at listening to my body. In fact, I actually consider myself fairly attuned. But pregnancy (refer to yesterday's post) makes me even more attuned to the pulse, rhythm, and noise of my body.

I woke up with a headache; and the thoughts follow:

I wonder what does this mean? Is my blood pressure higher today? Is my caffine addiction (which I have tamed) flaring up- is it okay to have a couple sips of coffee?

My stomach is upset (again); and the thoughts follow:

Does this mean I should avoid smoothies? Is it diary? Do I need a carbohydrate? Should I have a cracker? Does this feel like throw-up nasuea or just regular nausea?

I am having back cramps: and thoughts the thoughts follow:

Yikes my back is cramping. Is this the start of a miscarriage? Is there anything I can do to stop it? Am I being irrational? How do I feel about that? Should I stretch? I'll stretch.

So many normal body experiences bear new meaning with this pregnancy thing. My body is not just my own- and it is certainly doing things I have no control over.


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