We are back from an amazing honeymoon. We spent time in Bangkok, Kao Sak National Park and an Island near Kura Buri that I cannot remember the name of. Sean got sick once. I got grumpy a couple of times but all in all the hardest part was getting to the airport and now recovering from jetlag.

Before the trip we were contemplating the spirituality of honeymoon. In wedding an entire community celebrates the marriage- but a honeymoon is a private celebration. In fact, you don't even have to tell anyone it is your honeymoon. Certianly we will share the pictures and the stories but unlike the wedding where everyone has some experience of it- the honeymoon is only ours. We, with God, share that together. Even our dog, who experiences (if not consciously) our ordinary rituals didn't get to honeymoon with us.

What a tremendous gift of sharing together! Of celebrating together!

And for the two people who gave us your frequent flyer miles as a wedding present. . . we are very grateful.


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