So where is God in all this. . .

I don't think God is ambivalent about life. I think God pretty much roots for it all the time. As Sean and I tell people most of the people we have told have been unequivocally happy. God is in that happiness. God reminds us- through other people's joy that life is good- though overwhelming- there is joy to be found.

Is God in the pain of creation?

I have become more and more uncomfortable throughout the 10 weeks of pregnancy. I don't know the answer to the question I pose here but how is the discomfort and ultimately the labor of creation wrapped up with the sacred?

As I type this I wonder if it isn't also wrapped up with freedom. From the start of conception a child's freedom is acted upon me- as this persons freedom will continue to confront challenges in my (and our) life from here on out.

Without making myself a goddess- I would like to reflect more on how pregnancy is somehow connected with the divine feminine. What is reveals about God- that maleness does not - and how to listen into that.


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