A vomit story

I have had a fair amount of nausea from this pregnancy but have only thrown up once. That was until yesterday. . . Beware this post is a story about vomiting. Oh by the way, I am not afraid of body-ness and pregnancy isn't likely to lessen that. . .

I am pretty thirsty in the morning lately. I think from not drinking anything all night and just getting parched. So yesterday, I am in the shower drinking water and (I love drinking while showering), getting dressed drinking a glass of water. I went downstairs got a glass of juice, was eating my Wheaties (no really I was eating wheaties). I burped a little normal quiet burp. And then before I could say the words, "I think I am going to throw up." I projectile vomited all over the table. Stunned and embarrassed, I just kind of sat there. And then I knew it was coming again. . . This time I made it into a cup.

So there I am sitting at the table with my own vomit dripping onto my work/dress clothes. I wiped it all up with a ton of napkins. I dropped trou (took off my pants) in the kitchen and wouldn't let Sean discuss what had just happened. I was just too embarrassed and grossed out.

I didn't feel sick before. I didn't feel sick after. My stomach muscles just decided to rebel. And I was complicit in it.

-By the way, when you Google image search the word vomit. . . beware. This pumpkin is among the least disgusting pictures I could find.


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