Our Garden

Yay for our first (my first and his first and our partnership's first) garden. In early April we rented a rotatiller. Our backyard with a significant slope was quite an adventure. I don't know how many times I said "fuck" because I kept getting so angry. Pushing the tiller up- trying to slow it down. It might have been a hilarious scene. But hilarity and anger rarely mix until after the fact.

Anyway, we tilled up a portion of our rented land. I dug up a swath on the other side and we started some tomatoes from seed in the dinning room. Now weeks later we have lettuce in and coming up nicely (microgreens?)tomatoes are about 8 inches high and freshly transplanted into the ground (with newspaper around the base to hold in moisture and keep down weeds) and about three feet of a corn row is planted (planting over a period of several weeks to prolong the harvest). I'm going to start another kind of tomato in the house in the next couple of days and greenbeans will go in (around the base of the corn) in mid-late May.

And our front yard. . . Well it had once been sodded which left a fine plastic netting covering everything. So instead of growing grass we had a northwestern patch of moss and dandelions. So one evening we cut back the rose bush growing in the corner- took to our shovels and dug out an entire side of the front yard. We lined it with pansies and filled in the rest with wildflower seeds. . . The pansies along the edge were so our neighbors didn't think we were just not mowing during the time between the seeds came up and flowered. Oh and the miracle of it all is Maggie doesn't pee in that spot in the front yard anymore- I think she got intimidated by the change. . . she's the worst transitioner in the family :)

So this is the long way of saying we have a garden in! It's been so much fun putting it in- telling Sean how to plant things, how to weed things, and kind of for him to just get the gist of it all.

On a final note- we got a free hand propelled mower from a collegue at work. So booyah.


  1. I wish we were neighbors. *sigh* For oh so many reasons. Liz H spent all day today making our gardens pretty - the kale and lettuce and beets are just poking their tiny little sprout heads up into the world. And our peonies are already crawling with ants even though the flowers are a week or so away from blooming. It's all so marvelous.


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