Sooo Busy

Wow, things have been so busy this winter and spring. We've had many visitors (some repeat visitors) a fair amount of travel starting in February to Illinois and San Francisco 2 weeks ago, we have been spending time trying to develop some acquaintances into friendships all the while of course going to work, walking the dog, doing dishes (sometimes) and on an even more rare occasion doing laundry. I've been growing a baby, Sean's had a ton more on-call shifts at the hospital and it's basically been crazy.

So Easter week (starting today at 12:30) I have the whole week off! Sean and I are once again on the move, heading to Austin until Tuesday to be with family and then we are finally going to celebrate his birthday. Sean was about 2 months premature when he was born, so at this point we are basically celebrating his "due date" birthday :) Hopefully it'll be nice enough to garden a little bit next week, and maybe I'll paint the dresser for the little person and move the "office" into the extra bedroom.

So that's not much of a reflection on anything deep, anything insightful but the reality is that deep an insightful only happens amid the chaos of the ordinary. So it makes sense to remember the piles of literal laundry.


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