So last weekend I decided we needed some wall decorations from "Faith's" room. I mean, hopefully we will move out the 2 bookshelves, filing cabinet, and other grown up paraphanalia out of her room so that it can be a feeding, changing, sleeping, reading zone. So with our grey/blue walls and our desire to go with orange (orange dresser, orange bird mobile etc) I started looking on Etsy for some unique Art that would look okay against a grey/blue wall but was also bird themed.

As I looked I got inspired. Here is the fruit of my inspiration. And you know how much it cost us: $0!! Unique, original bird art for $0!

Here's half of them for a close-up-ish view.

Here is all of them. Though I am not convinced the owl will stay since it's the only one with any extras in the picture (the tree).

Sean and I have already nicknamed some of them: fat doofy, super-model, hot-dog, unsophisticated dove etc.


So I took pieces of cardboard of various sizes and painted them orange. I used the same paint that I used for the dresser. Then after that paint dried I used a pencil then a sharpie to draw a bird on the cardboard. Then I just painted in the lines. I used watercolor paint without adding water. Thus, the paint cracked on the cardboard giving it cracked paint look. Frankly, I love all these birds and I cannot decide which one is my favorite. . .

The benefits of this art is that it's super kid friendly! I mean aren't they freaking adorable? There is very little financial investment, they should go on the wall with a little bit of tack or double sided tape. And if they are ever ruined or thrown away the investment is little.

Do you have a favorite one?
Once they are on the wall I'll re-post some pictures- but first we have to figure out what to do with our theological library!

Oh, and here's a final picture of a project I was working on last week. I have my old desk from Grad. school that I haven't sat at hardly at all since we hauled it to Seattle. But, I have been craving a place to work on my poetry, crafts etc (things like birdies). So I decided to cover the desk in some fabric that inspired me. So I glued the shelves and the top with fabric I love and created a little Zen-zone for myself. Frankly, I like it a lot! And, honestly, I have sat at the desk this week working on things more than I have sat at the dinner table. I am hoping to hang some inspiring things on the wall and just "move in." Basically, my creative is on!


  1. I love this post, Rachel. It makes me so happy!
    Your birds are awesome. I really like the long-legged one, but they are all so fun.

  2. I love it! So beautiful and a million times more special because you made it. You have inspired me!

  3. We forgot to look at these yesterday! I love the shapes.

    If this is a democracy, I vote to keep the one with the tree. Then, when she's older she can think about how one bird has a tree but the others don't--art's always like that. Bonus points if it inspires her to make cute owl noises!

  4. I met with a volunteer yesterday and we want to do some garbage art - this is my inspiration! Not that it looks like garbage. But that it cost 0$ and is AWESOME.


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